Welcome, my name is Kirsty McLaughlin, and along with my husband Chris and our three young boys, we are Daneholz Great Danes.

Our Danes are very much a part of the family, and you will often find our sons sleeping with the Danes, or ringside with me at show, making friends with the other children, or meeting all the dogs.

Please feel free to enjoy the website and view my GREAT Danes and their stories. I am very proud of my Danes and the achievements that we have made in such a short time in the show ring.

Please check out my stunning boy Rommel and hear about our newest addition, Jersey who joined us from one of Denmark’s leading Great Dane Kennels – Kennel Great Bels in 2012.

I am a member of the Great Dane Club of NSW Inc. and a financial member of Dogs NSW, the Canine Council for our state. I health test my Danes and am extremely fortunate to have a Dane Specialist Vet in Dr Karen Hedberg – of North Richmond Veterinary Hospital, within my reach.

Should you ever have any questions regarding any Danes, I am happy to help, and if I am unable to answer your question, I am able to seek the answer through a network of Dane people with an extensive knowledge of the Breed.

And if you’re ever in the area, and feel like a giant slobbery hug, please contact us for a visit, there’s no hug, like a Dane hug!